Junior Simba Ring Drilling Equipment - Standard

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Junior Simba Ring Drilling Equipment -  Standard

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Junior Simba for Underground Mines

Vikay Junior Simba Machine / Ring Drilling Equipment for Underground Mines

Also known as Ring Drilling Equipment is designed specially for underground mines and Tunnel to drill in 360° rotation for conventional drilling, at any angle for small mines of 3 Meter radius. The same is easy to dismantle & easy to move from one place to another. Suitable application for drilling, tunneling, drifting & long hole drilling.

Technical Details

Junior Simba Standard Version
Pneumatic drifter VK – 12
Hole Diameter 51 - 64 mm           
Drill Rod Size R32
Drill Rod Length 1.20 Meter
Drilling Length 25 Meter Max.
Air consumption 400 CFM @ 7 Kg/cm²
Drilling Rate 4 Minute per Meter
Feed Beam Screw Feed Type BMS-46
Rod Catcher Pneumatic Type BSP-10
Ring Size 1500 mm
Dimension in mm 1780 x 1550 x 2600 (L x W x H)
Column Bar Height in mm      Closed - 2200 mm, Open - 3700 mm
Net Weight - Version  
- Standard 1200 Kgs
 - Lateral Movement 1500 Kgs
Optional :   
a) Mini Version - for Small mines 2.4 Meter Radius
b) Lateral Movement Version - For Parallel Hole Drilling

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