VK 12 Vikay Pneumatic Drifter

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VK 12 Vikay Pneumatic Drifter

Vikay is a Global Supplier of Pneumatic Drifter Model VK 12 from India

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Vikay top Hammer Heavy Duty Rock Drill / Pneumatic Drifter Model VK-12

The Drifter is Rifle-Bar rotated heavy duty Rock Drill mounted on Rig for drifting and tunneling, making it ideal for such application as bench drilling in open-pit mines and Lime stone quarries, in underground Mining and Tunneling for Ring Drilling and Face Drilling, with the feature of reversible Rotation, which can also be disengaged so that only impact mechanism works

Technical Details

  Model     VK-12  
Weight  70 Kgs  154 lbs
Overall Length  780 mm  30 3/4"
Air Consumption  167 l/s  354 cfm
Working Pressure Max.       7 bar  100 psig
Piston Diameter  120 mm  4 3/4"
Piston Stroke  65 mm  2 1/2"
Impac Rate  35 Hz  
Impact Power Max.  7.2 kW  
Rotation Speed  0 - 210 rpm  
Hole Diameters  48 - 76 mm  
Drill Steel  R32, R38, T38  

Flushing is possible as air blowing or water flushing, all drill functions are operated from a control unit

Since approvement are made from time to time, the illustration and specifications are subject to change without notice.


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